Member’s Privileges

New member’s fee = RM10 (RM5 registration, RM5 semester membership fee)
Continuing members = RM5 (semester membership fee)
Note: Fees paid are not refundable!

Privileges of being a SAMS Member!

  1. Request and borrow from SAMS library, free of charge!
  2. Discounted or free entrance fee for SAMS events/activities.
  3. Learn the ways of Cosplay!
  4. Get the latest updates faster than non-members.
  5. News on current ongoing/new anime from Japan.
  6. Knowledge of Anime & Manga culture – eg. figures, merchandises, art-books, etc.
  7. Experience an anime life through our activities.
  8. The right connection of the relevant community – eg. anime convention.
  9. Join in SAMS events/activities as an active ad-hoc committee.
  10. Chance to get promoted to committee member!
Originally typed by: Serene

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