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Hello, Minna~
It’s been a very long while since I last posted.

And it has been 3 weeks since Semester 2 of 2014 started.
All the new Anime piling up and some that you might like.

A few popular titles from the Summer releases are the following tittles:
Akame ga Kill

Aldnoah Zero (Season 2 coming up soon in 2015)

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Re:_Hamatora (The continuation of ‘Hamatora’)

Tokyo Ghoul (Season 2 coming up soon in 2015)

Zankyou no Terror

That’s all from me for now, so stay tuned for more updates.




General Meeting – 20th September 2013

Hello everyone!!
Semester 2 has started and the general meeting of SAMS is back with more new anime to screen and share.

To all members of SAMS, please be reminded that on next week’s general meeting which is on the 20th Sept 2013, members are required to fill the re-registration form and pay the member fees. See ya next week. XD


General Meeting (2013 April 26)


Hello there~!
Welcome to “SAMS” Swinburne Anime & Manga Society
for those who just enrolled to Swinburne, congratulations and welcome~!
for current students welcome back from semester break, do play well with all your assignments!

Club activity by default the Anime Screening based on seasons, we are also doing card gaming sessions, console, anime manga sharing, figures for photograph session… if not just feel free to drop by and take a rest!

Our semester event includes RecruitmentDrive, SwinCarnival, Anime MovieNight, Anniversary dinner etc. We also have our very own exclusive Versailles Maid Cafe event, lead by our graduates and seniors, so do looking forward to it!!

In Kuching area, two known major Anime festival will be the KyAnime! and “AG” AnimeGathering, so be sure to keep in touch with these if you’re fan of anime!

Just to keep things short for now, any questions feel free to refer our club committees. Before I forget, we have our own SAMS Library for animes, you might want to refer to the club Librarian later on.

See you around!
– Zenalucard


General Meeting (2013 Apr 19)


see you soon!
Dont forget to join our Movie Night~!


General Meeting (5 oct 2012)

It’s been week 5 huh, time sure flies within our imagination…
at least I’m sure everyone is doing great for their coursework, for my case might spend some time for Anime or Japan Culture related stuff~

Seems MiraiClock3 is out for Android users *greenlit blinks*
letme know if you use it, discuss and share with your friends~

SAMS Tee, less fortunate, still need some tweakings.
As the sample print is out, it’s just so impressive!
At the same time, notice alot area still can tweak and improve,
soo… might take some of your patience >.<
this semester I’ll make sure everyone sees it.

Spring season Animes coming out, I love Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun! Very adorable show >///<

See you soon…

General Meeting (28 Sep 2012)

a kind of quick post this time… been multitask lately, hardly organize things properly, I hope you’re all doing well~
Either way, usual anime screening, if you have questions about anime, Japan Culture or anything related, feel free to approach me and other seniors.
Summer seasons of anime, which are your type of faves?
Currently awaiting new season of animes, one of them would be Little Busters!

until next time

General Meeting (21 Sep 2012)

Hello those who love animes very very very much~
it’s been the third week of current semester, how was your classes? Tight schedule? I am pretty much bind by assignments, yet I hope I can enjoy watching animes as much as I’m free~

Depending on situation, I am in standby of make an announcement… :-
SAMS T-Shirt is finish…!!
with that said, I’m still trying to make everyone to get it within the most affordable pricing, so doing my best, and look forward to it ><

Have you enjoyed our SAMS Picture of the Day?
You can try make request of anime picture for me to find & post…
If you have something interesting (new anime figures, merchandise, trading cards, magazine etc.) be sure to take some shot & share with us~ (As much as I loved to see figure photos, or creativity~)

Good day for good deal,
see you this Friday~